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Bike reviews, gear reviews, trail reviews and more for beginner to intermediate mountain bikers.

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Are you a beginner rider? So were we. We know what it feels like to feel the rush for the first time. The hard part? Finding gear that you actually like and enjoy. It can be hard to find the perfect set of gear or perfect bike when you’re just learning how to ride. There are lots of features that make bikes hard to understand. We’re here to make it simple.

Check back soon for more reviews on top gear and bikes. We always provide honest, in-depth reviews so you know exactly what you’re buying when you make a big purchase.

— Team at Mountain Bike City


YouTube has enough videos of pro’s riding (and we watch them too). This is for us. The beginners.

We know that someday you won’t need the team at Mountain Bike City. Until that day comes, you can rely on us top review new bikes and new gear made for new to intermediate riders. Helmets, bikes, gloves, pads, and all the technology that comes along with it, you’ll find here.

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