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anti gravity bikes

Antigravity bikes are trailbikes ... they are a HUGE category ... everything from modern 5 and 6 inch travel bikes, 29ers, pure cross country racing bikes and entry level hardtails ... as long as you can climb on them and rip a smooth line downhill on them ... they are a trailbike.

This is probably the most "all around" style of bike you can own ... you can usually do a bit of everything on these bikes.

Wheel size is the new variable in this bike category ... the 29er revolution is in full swing!These wheels have less rolling resistance and more momentum ... not a bad thing for trail riding!

Even newer is the 27.5 category ... maybe the best of both worlds?


kona bikes

Enduro 27.5

Process 27.5
Satori 27.5

XC Race 29er
Hei Hei 29
Kahuna 29
Mohala 29

XC Race

Singlespeed 29er
Unit 29

Hardtail 27.5
Explosif 27.5
Cinder Cone 27.5
Blast 27.5

Hardtail 29er
Honzo 29
Kahuna 29
Mahala 29
Taro 29
Unit 29

Fire Mountain

Stinky 24
Shred 24
Shred 20
Jake 24